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As your business prepares for digital transformation, it’s important to start modernizing and migrating your applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Microsoft Azure is a key component of that process, and you can choose the path that’s right for your organization depending on your business objectives and ambitions.
To help augment your cloud skillset and reduce risk as you modernize your workloads it's crucial to identify the WHO in all this work, and that’s why we are here, to support you through the entire process and beyond.
So let’s work together and start modernizing your business.

Lift & Shift

The Lift & Shift modernization strategy is a straightforward approach to quickly gain cloud advantages with minimal changes and disruption.

This modernization strategy known as Re-Hosting is suited for scenarios when infrastructure costs reduction is required quickly, datacenter contracts are up for renegotiation, or if your business is exposed to security risk due to legacy technology.

We will move your on-premises data and applications to Azure virtual machines without the need for investment in Re-Architecting applications or Re-Factoring application code upfront.

Application Modernization

Application modernization is an advanced process where we modify applications and infrastructure to take full advantage of the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem and maximize operational cost efficiency.

This modernization strategy consists of either Re-Factoring, where parts of your application are modified to use managed cloud services like Azure SQL Database instead of legacy relationship databases.

The other option is to Re-Architect the application if its functionality needs to be extended and leverage full cloud scalability. An example of this could be breaking down an old monolithic application into microservices that work and scale together easily.

Business Process Modernization

With the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem in place, the foundation for advanced Business Process Modernization is at your fingertips.

Together we assess your existing manual and repetitive business processes to identify which can be transformed and digitized to optimize your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

The outcome of business process modernization is reduced time and costs, increased process standardization and compliance, increased visibility and transparency, and improved efficiency and productivity within your organization.

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