Preparation is key to a successful cloud modernization

All changes need to be prepared in detail, both the technical aspects as well as the impact on people and processes. A thorough preparation will ensure that you can move faster with less disruption and surprises. Keeping track of the WHAT, WHEN and HOW will help you execute the change in a controlled and secure way, getting the very best out of the cloud modernization.
So let’s work together and prepare for a successful cloud modernization journey.

Microsoft Cloud Modernization Plan

The first step in getting ready for cloud modernization is to assess your apps, databases, and infrastructure to create a solid cloud modernization plan.

This assessment will guide you in creating the business case for modernization and right-sizing your new environment to maximize cost savings.

We will take these findings and use as the basis for the holistic cloud modernization plan, outlining workload priorities, timelines, milestones, resources, and funding.

Microsoft Cloud
Landing Zone

The first technical part of a cloud modernization journey is to establish the right Azure landing zones that meet your requirements and future cloud ambitions.

The Azure landing zones are the foundation for cloud modernization and consist of all platform resources required to support your application portfolio, both infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

We build these preconfigured landing zones including networking, identity, management, security, and governance elements to balance agility with your organizational standards.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption & Readiness

All technology changes share one common challenge, the value of the technology investment can never be realized if the organization doesn’t embrace the change and evolves their way of working.

We will guide you in aligning your organization to new ways of working, identify gaps and map roles with necessary skills to create a readiness plan for your organization.

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